Gorgeous Santorini

Hiking the Caldera
Hiking the Caldera

Greece was not on our radar for the summer. We had actually booked an REI trip to kayak and hike the Grand Tetons. But sometime around March, Greece came up as a possibility. It took a little coordination but we arrived in Greece mid-June.

The main event? A trip to Thessoloniki to venerate some of the holy sites for the Orthodox and then on to visit monasteries. Ormylia for me and several monasteries on Mount Athos for my husband.

View of the Caldera
View of the Caldera

But before we emerged ourselves in all things holy, we decided to visit the most famous Greek Island, the Duchess of the Aegean, Santorini. We arrived in Santorini directly from Zurich, bypassing Athens. We decided we’d seen big cities and Athens wasn’t a priority. From the airport, Santorini didn’t look that exciting. We were staying in Ia, the town on the opposite end of the island. We got our rental car and headed that direction. One of the cool things about renting a car in Santorini is that you can rent a mobile hotspot,(I believe it was vodafone) with the car. So not only did we have wifi in the car for GPS, but we could take the little hotspot with us everywhere. That made the planning so much easier, since we didn’t have to be in one location to do it. We could sit in the cafe in the morning, with the hotspot tucked in my purse and we could use our phones with no problems.

We stayed for three nights in a beach house and 2 nights in a cave suite. My husband found an owner who had multiple properties, so we stayed at two of them. For three nights we stayed at My blue, which is her beach house, and 2 days at at Island Blue. The highlights of Santorini: 1) The great hike along the caldera from Fiera to Ia. 2) Waking up to the sound of the beach 3) The boat tour in the caldera to the volcano island (Nea Kameni), hot springs,  private beach on Therasia, and then the infamous sunset. 4) The mousaka…anywhere. 5) Finally relaxing at Perivolos beach.

Sunset Santorini
Sunset Santorini

The downside of Santorini: Tourists! But there is a reason that Santorini is so popular, it is beautiful!


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