Finding our chill on the Italian Riviera

It is time for our annual/bi-annual trip to visit my husband’s family in Lebanon. Since, there are no direct flights from the United States to Beirut, we are forced to stop in Europe somewhere. So we make the best of it and stay a few days. This year we wanted to Tuscany but thought we would add in a jaunt to the coast. Say hello to Porto Venere!

We’ve been hearing so much about Cinque Terre. But instead of staying in one of its crowded villages, we found a rental apartment with terrace in Porto Venere. 

At the tip of the Gulf of Poets, Porto Venere is beautiful and relatively laid back. We found out this was a theee day weekend in Italy, so it’s a bit busy. However our first adventure today was hiking around Palmaria island which is a short ferry ride from Porto Venere. There are some steep climbs during the hike but it felt good to get the legs moving after taking three flights and a car ride to get here. We got lots of beautiful shots of the medieval Porto Venere and stayed for lunch at the garden-like Loconda. 

We then took the Loconda boat back to the dock of Porto Venere, did a little shopping and sight seeing. It was getting too busy, so we dropped the tourist activities and rented a could of lounge chairs at the beach. There are public beaches nearby but we were looking for comfort. 

Then, we took a break at our apartment, after walking 10 flights of stairs with grocieries. We are definitely not used to that! 


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